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Unifit-Starting Class
verantwortlich: Hochschulsport Bochum

You have not entered a Gym before, or even worked out at all? - No problem, we show you how to do it "from scratch", step by step, free of exposing or embarassing situations.

Throughout the 4 weeks you learn

  • why "Newcomers" are usually approached by longtime gym members with a fair amount of respect
  • which training opportunities there are
  • how to adjust and use exercise machines
  • why a planned workout routine makes sense
  • how working out feels and how the body reacts to it
  • what popular dieting and fitness trends are (not) about.

Even after the first meeting you will be able to work out in the Unifit along your first planned workout routine.
Make the first step - we know what it feels like!

This offer is available exclusively for students and employees of the RUB und its cooperating colleges of Bochum (EFH Bochum, HS Bochum, hsg Bochum, EBZ Business School, TFH Agricola)!

KursnrOffer No.DetailsDetailTagDayZeitTimeOrtLocationZeitraumDurationLeitungGuidancePreisCostBuchungBooking
002501NewcomerDo19:00-20:30Uf New24.08.-14.09.Paul Dören
25/ 25/ -- €
25 EUR
für Studierende

25 EUR
für Beschäftigte

25 EUR
für RUB-Alumni